Liv Vester Larsen

Violinist / Vocalist / Composer / Podcaster / Teacher


I am a violinist, vocalist and composer, I play different styles and genres. I have been working as a freelance musician since 2009. I tour with various artists, with my own groups and in theatre productions.

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20/5: Release PODCAST / Creative - without Nature? Episode 6 Feat. Christian Hjelm, DK


1/6: Release PODCAST / Creative - without Nature? Episode 7 Feat. Becca Stevens, US

Available on Spotify and Itunes

18-22/6: Germany (D) and Switzerland (CH)

Tour with Huldrelokkk (cancelled due to Covid19, new date upcoming)

18/6: Esbjerg, SDMK (DK)

Quartet with Justine Hald Boesen, Toke Lynggaard Larsen and Jesper Lørup

19/6: Odense, Odeon (DK)

Concert with Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen

4/7: Copenhagen (DK)

Private concert/arrangement with DJ

More Concerts

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Creative -

without Nature?

Imagine planet Earth - with no nature left!

Can we be creative the same way we are now?

Or can we create at all?

I ask myself that question and I ask it to all of you! I have dedicated myself, my music and my creativity, to this project for the next years!

I travel to different places with a lot of access to nature as well as places with no or little access to nature.

How does it feel for my creativity to be there? What do I create?

What do musicians located in that specific area create?

In Autumn 2019 I visited and composed music on Skrova Fyr, located in Lofoten. The Island located far away from every civilization. It is defintely worth a visit: www.skrovalighthouse.com

That was at the same time the beginning of my Podcast, which is featured on DJBFAs Podcast "Vi skaber musikken"

In March 2020 I visited the Anechoic Chamber in DTU. Lyngby. A really unique experience and worth a visit!


All my experiences will be collected, together with featured Artisttalks, in the PODCAST SERIE

Creative- without Nature?

Feel free to listen and follow the Podcast on Spotify and ITunes.

Featuring various Artists from Denmark, Norway, Japan and United States.

Music used in the podcast:

"Essenser af Island", composed by Liv Vester Larsen / performed by Liv Vester Larsen, Mirja Klippel, Lene Høst Mees and Maja Aarøe Freese, 2019

"Essenser af Lofoten", composed and performed by Liv Vester Larsen, 2020

Music, speak, technic and interview by Liv Vester Larsen

Produced by Liv Vester Larsen, 2020

Interview about the project and music, was recently released in the Danish Radio P2 / Danmark Nu.

(Starts 07.08 minutes in the programme).

You can listen to the interview by following the link





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